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UK IFPA Professional Diploma

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Professional Diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy and Bodywork IFPA & NAHA Combined Diploma Course

Oshadhi Malaysia has partnered with Hong Kong Fleur International College of Professional Aromatherapy to offer a professional aromatherapy diploma program, that combines in-depth course content with a firm foundation in the scientific aspects of aromatherapy practical, at the same time learning therapeutic massage and clinical practice, to cultivate and nurture more comprehensive and professional aromatherapists. This diploma is recognized by the world’s largest aromatherapy organization, IFPA, in addition to the IFPA aromatherapy certificate, it also can apply for NAHA (National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy) certification. The International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA) was formed on 1st April 2002 as a result of the joining together of members from three leading associations:

• ISPA, International Society of Professional Aromatherapists
• RQA, Register of Qualified Aromatherapists
• IFA, International Federation of Aromatherapists

The IFPA is now the largest aromatherapy specific organization in the United Kingdom and is a respected voice within the world of complementary medicine, while the member of the Aromatherapy Regulation Working Group of the UK Government Department of Health, responsible for evaluating the registration of aromatherapy and developing professional training guidelines.

IFPA is committed to promote the professional development of aromatherapy, encourage the natural health care and self-healing, and so, they successfully trained many world-class aromatherapists around the world. IFPA diploma course provides learning of the fundamentals of the human body system, in combination with essential oils and therapeutic massage, to restore the balance of the body, in order to prevent and regulate various body and mental diseases.



Suitable For

  • People who love plants and aromatherapy, or natural remedies lover.
  • People who want to improve professional skills, and become a professional
  • People who engaged to beauty, cosmetic or massage, hope to receive a formal and professional training to increase individual skills.
  • People who has existing aromatherapy qualifications, such as IFA and NAHA, can upgrade their qualification to IFPA which is recognized in the UK.

Syllabus of Diploma Course

A full course of aromatherapy diploma requires 170 hours of learning and training, in which 60 hours are theoretical and clinical knowledge, 60 hours are clinical massage classes and 50 hours are anatomy and physiology

  • Based on scientific, evidence-based principles approach to aromatherapy include fundamental knowledge of essential oils, chemistry, historical and philosophy roots of aromatherapy as well as safety and contradictions of essential oils.
  • Study 90 essential oils and 20 carrier oils.
  • Provides range of skills and knowledges in therapeutic massage.
  • Need to complete 45 case studies.
  • • An aromatherapists must have a good understanding of the structures and functions of the human body while giving consultation and treatments. This course gives students a thorough grounding of anatomy, physiology and basic pathology of the human body.

Diploma Course Duration

Approximately 1.5 years to complete the entire course

  • Theoretical, Clinical and Practical Massage Classes (60 hours theoretical and 60 hours clinical and practical massage classes)
  • Anatomy and Physiology by Dr.Henrik Westergaard (50 hours):Webinar class + Live teaching(Remarks: In order to achieve the best learning results, we will teach theory during the 1st half of the day, follow by practical lesson on the 2nd half.)
  • Medium of Instruction: Cantonese, Mandarin, English

Course Organiser

Jointly organised by Oshadhi Malaysia Sdn Bhd with Hong Kong FLEUR International College of Professional Aromatherapy


Oshadhi originate from Germany and is founded by Dr.Malte Hozzel, a world leading aromatherapist. It is acclaimed as premier aromatherapy brand by practitioners worldwide. All products are hand-crafted, from farm to bottled, without the use of electromagnetic machinery to avoid the disruption of their exquisite subtle properties. Oshadhi, is the only essential oil brand that is used for treatment in Lausanne University Hospital and covered by medical insurance, as well as recognized by official medical department in Switzerland.

Hong Kong Fluer International College of Professional Aromatherapy

Fluer is an accredited Aromatherapy training course provider for the IFPA. Fleur International College is part of a specialist Aromatherapy Company which has 25 years’ experience in Essential Oils in the UK and 12 years’ experience in Hong Kong. Fleur as an International College has 3 university and schools located in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea. Since qualifying with full membership to the IFPA we have had over 1000 students who have graduated with us.

Course Fee

  • Course Part I, II & III: RM 21,900 (include learning materials, essential oils and carrier oils)
    * scholarship provided (subject to review & approval)
  • Examination Fee: RM 939 
    Fee Included:
    • Clinical and Essential Oil Science: RM 417
    • Aromatherapy in Clinical Massage: RM 417
    • Anatomy and Pathophysiology: RM 105

*smelling kits are provided.

Payment Method

  • Installment payment:
    • Method 1: First payment of RM 4,900 is required at time of enrolment, and TWO monthly installments of RM 9,000, each payable from one month after the course commence date, which on 5th of the following months

    • Method 2 : First payment of RM 4,900 is required at time of enrolment, and FOUR monthly installment of RM 4,900, each payable from one month after the course commence date, which on 5th of the following months.

  • One off payment: RM 21,900
  • Examination Fee shall be paid one month before the assessment.


It is a great opportunity to invite senior professional aromatherapist Annie Lee from Hong Kong and Dr. Henrik Westergaard from Denmark to teach and share their experiences. 

For more information, please contact:
Chen Yih (Whatsapp) +6012-2332912 or write to us at: [email protected]