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How to Use Essential Oils

There are many ways and means in application of essential oils. First and foremost, “MORE” does not necessarily equal to “GOOD” when using these oils. One needs to understand that “A” drop of pure essential oil is potent and has true phytochemical constituent.  A few drops of it would have create wonders and intended healing effects.

We would recommend the following methods of use for starters and enthusiast alike:

Smaller molecules derived from essential oil disperse into the air as mist

Add 2 ~ 5 drops of essential oil into warm water (70 °C), not hot steam as this will burn.

Application to the skin with use of a carrier oil or lotion

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Welcome to the world of essential oils where the gift of nature is transformed into oils that work wonders. The source that gives rise to these oils which we termed “Essential”, comes from parts of plant, flowers, twigs and even tree barks that contain phytochemical properties and essence that are beneficial not just to plants but to us, human-beings as well.

Essential oils have multitudes of the health benefits and they cover physiology, psychology and pharmacology activities in our body. In order to gain clarity of the way essential oils work, particularly on specific areas of activity, it will be helpful to take an overall view of the system of human body.

The Skin

Normally, skin problem is a manifestation of underlying condition in the body, such as accumulation of toxins or hormonal imbalance.


Common essential oils that could be useful:

Roman Chamomile for its anti-inflammatory properties, Tea Tree for its antiseptic properties and Clary Sage.

The Respiratory System

Nose, throats and lung infections respond very well to essential oils treatment due to their antiseptic properties.


Common essential oils that could be useful:

Eucalyptus globulus or Eucalyptus radiata, Thyme and Pine

The Digestive System

It is common to find individual with indigestion or loss of appetite problems due to myriad of reasons. Although, it may not be life-threatening but this condition does compromise the quality of life.


Common essential oils that could be useful:

Peppermint and Fennel (for indigestion). Angelica and Ginger (for loss of appetite)

The Immune System

Essential oils have bactericidal and antiviral agents that could be use as *prophylactics for protections against cold and flu.


Common essential oils that could be useful:

Niaouli, Bergamot, Rosemary

The Nervous System

Essential oils are known to have calming effect to the nervous system as it reduces stress and tension. It has sedative properties that is helpful in managing insomnia.


Common essential oils that could be useful:

Lavender, Ylang ylang and Spikenard

The Endocrine System

Hormone imbalance can cause various skin problems or physical ailments and even affect our life and work for a long time.


Common essential oils that could be useful:

Rose, Jasmine, Clary Sage

Mother Nature bestow us with the diversity of plants that has wide range of healing properties. Here are the most popular essential oils in Malaysia:

1. Peppermint

Invigorating and uplifting / Helps with digestion system issues

2. Lavender

Calming and alleviating insomnia

3. Sandalwood

Relieve nervous tension, stress and anxiety

4. Bergamot

Reduce stress / Reduce skin inflammation
(e.g., eczema, acne)

5. Rose

Reduce anxiety / Enhance mood

6. Chamomile

Improve relaxation / Enhance mood