About Us

Oshadhi means ‘healing plants’ in the language of ancient India and was founded in 1990 by Dr Malte Hozzel, with the purpose of bringing you the finest quality organic, natural essential oils. You can feel secure when you choose Oshadhi. 70% of our essential oils are certified organic or wildcrafted. Eco-Cert, the European certifying body which supports the highest international standards, overseas all of Oshadhi’s worldwide certifications. Oshadhi products come straight from the grower, ensuring a fair price for the farmer, and ensuring highest quality.

All products are completely handcrafted, from farm to bottling, without the use of electromagnetic machinery to avoid disruption of their exquisite subtle properties. Their vibrancy, incredible aromatic quality and purity ensures that they are full of life. We use Oshadhi essential oils to enhance health, growth and well-being. 

They are gifts from the plant world. Every particular plant gives out many fragrances or odours. Each odour is a complex combination, that together gives rise to a unique scent and to a unique therapeutic benefit. We want the most refined essential oils to create the most refined experience. The innate intelligence in the plant awakens the inner intelligence of our mind and body. 

Oshadhi essential oils uplift, calm and relax, motivate and inspire, harmonise our emotions, improve our physiology and remove physical symptoms. They improve many areas of mid-body functioning, like the immune system, the cardiovascular system, the respiratory system. The highest quality of essential oils is vital for maximum benefit. 

In our modern age, we are no longer in contact with nature, where we breathed and touched the molecules of nature and thereby increasing the quality of our life. Now we have the opportunity to enjoy the intelligence of nature captured in these small bottles from Oshadhi Malaysia.

The Essential Oils from Oshadhi

Oshadhi is a range of 500 finest quality organic, natural essential oils. 98% of orders ship out the same business day. We also supply other aromatherapy and natural skin care products. You are also welcome to use our knowledge resource to find out more about aromatherapy and how it can help you.

Your Guarantee of Purity – Sourced Direct from the Farmer 

Oshadhi sources oils only with farmers who work in harmony with nature, and who share our ideals of organic agriculture. In this way we offer you the finest therapeutic quality, and energetic purity.

  • We source direct from growers guaranteeing purity
  • The farmers we deal with share our values of sustainable agriculture
  • 70% of our oils are organic or wild-crafted
  • Distillation is under low pressure and low temperature
  • Thorough testing using a variety of procedures
  • Bottling minimizes effects of electromagnetic radiation
  • Company ethos promotes global well being

Natural Skin Care

In addition to other aromatherapy products, we supply a unique range of natural skin care products: pure oils and hydrolats with traditional uses in cultures around the world, and blends which have carefully created from the finest purest ingredients to suit different needs and individual skin types. We also offer 100% natural source facial and body care products.