What Are Carrier Oils?

Essential oils are rarely used undiluted and one of the easiest approaches to diluting them is to use a carrier oil. Carrier oils act as a means to carry essential oils molecules and enable an equal amount of these molecules to be spread over the whole body or any particular part of the body for a massage treatment or any type of body rub.  This is to ensure safe application on the skin and to avoid any irritation. Generally, carrier oils are comprised of vegetable oils derived from seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables.

Each carrier oil has its own characteristic and therapeutic properties. A blending of carrier oils can have therapeutics healing potential that, when combined with essential oils, add to the overall potency.

Best Carrier Oils for Essential Oils

To pick your best carrier oil for essential oil, do consider the following factors:


Carrier oils are not strongly scented, but they still have a unique smell of their own. This contributing smell may influence the overall aroma of a blend of carrier oils and essential oils.


Certain vegetable oils tend to be more viscous or heavier than others and thus impacting the physical absorption rate of diluted essential oils. Therefore, carrier oils that fall under the viscous category can be blended with other basic carrier oils such that their richness or skin-nourishing properties can be taken advantage of.

Type of Skin

The choice of carrier oils is also determined by the individual’s skin condition. Individuals with normal skin types may have access to a wider range of carrier oils while individuals with dry, sensitive skin or allergic reactions to certain elements like nuts would perhaps require a skin test prior using.

Shelf Life

The triacylglycerols that make up these carrier oils can undergo attack by oxygen and moisture in the atmosphere. Fatty acids present will also react with oxygen in the presence of light or elevated temperatures. Therefore, we would recommend keeping the oils in a cool and dark place.

5 Best Carrier Oils in Malaysia

Below are the 5 best carrier oils for diluting essential oils for the purpose of massage treatment or local application.

1) Wheatgerm Oil

Wheatgerm oil is a German-produced carrier oil with a strong wheaty aroma. It can be used to preserve other essential oils. The mixture should stay fresh for a year.

Wheatgerm oil has a high Vitamin E content, making it nourishing for dry or sensitive skin.

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2) Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet Almond Oil is one of the best-known vegetable oils used in aromatherapy. It is a good source of Vitamin E and other beneficial compounds which help to soothe and nourish the skin. It is especially helpful in providing a protective barrier against moisture loss.

You can use the sweet almond oil as a skin moisturizer and in combination with other skincare products, such as soaps, massage oils and bath oils.

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3) Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is very compatible with the skin as it closely resembles human sebum. Highly rejuvenating and penetrative, it softens and moisturizes mature and dry skin. Jojoba oil soaks into the skin quickly without leaving a greasy residue so it is ideal as a facial oil or body oil. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is suitable for the treatment of eczema and acne.

4) Rosehip Oil

Rose Hip Seed is a luxurious natural skin-nourishing oil that is suitable for everyone. Moreover, it is an absolute must for ageing skin. It has been found to regenerate tissues and collagen cells thus minimizing wrinkles and reducing scar tissues. All in all, a wonderfully hydrating and smoothing product to be added to your skincare routine.

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5) Sunflower Oil

Sunflower Oil has the qualities of softening and moisturizing the skin. It has a prophylactic effect on the skin and is beneficial for bruises and skin diseases. Due to its protective properties and light texture, it is an ideal massage oil for babies and infants.

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